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Murdock is touched and admits that he doesn’t know what to say to thank him enough, but Potter brushes this off, saying that there are those in Hell’s Kitchen who know who is really looking out for them.At the same time, Frank Castle returns to his home, which he has not been in since his family’s deaths.Yoshioka, upset about losing the Black Sky, orders the ninjas to kill Murdock.Murdock, enraged, fights then, and is surprised when gunfire takes some of the ninjas down.On the rooftop, Natchios and Murdock battle with Hand ninjas led by Yoshioka.They are able to defeat many of the ninjas but Yoshioka proves to be a formidable opponent, hitting Murdock so hard that he knocks his mask off.She suggests that the people inside, although innocent, are a much smaller group than the people who would suffer if the Hand got their hands on the Black Sky.Inside, the Hand discover Barrett’s location device and begin to take a knife to his ankle to remove it, when Daredevil crashes into the room and stops them.

She dies in Murdock’s arms, after telling him that this was not the end.The Hand then abducts all twenty people, including Turk Barrett, Karen Page, and the veteran Jerry.While being transported, Page discovers that Barrett is under house arrest, and wearing a device which transmits his location. However, after Tyler shoots and kills Jerry, Barrett turns the device back on.Hand archers kill the police officers, but not before one is able to radio for help.

Murdock and Natchios arrive at the Hand’s location, and Murdock descends from the rooftop to save the hostages, although Natchios stays behind, convinced that it is a trap.

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock restraints Stick in a chair, telling him that he and Elektra Natchios will take on the Hand alone. On the roof, he and Natchios decide that the best plan is to take Yoshioka down, leaving him alive so that his followers can see that he’s just a man.