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' where Danny asks Mindy to pretend to be his girlfriend.There's a scene where Mindy slaps Danny for 'cheating' on her.Artists like Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Roger Miller, Mindy Mc Cready and others have filled country music fans with laughter and fun over the years.Here is a collection of the funniest country songs of all time.

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was a fun song Toby co-wrote with fellow artist Scotty Emerick.That was really fun to write — and even more fun to act." My first spec script ( selling the family’s unused prescription drugs at a garage sale, and she quickly becomes the neighborhood drug dealer.In retrospect, this B-story might have worked better with Bryan Cranston." First Hollywood gig (, where Method Man and Redman go to Harvard.The song is about having a little too much fun on Willie Nelson’s bus one night.

It’s a fun song that poked a little fun at the fools that w0n’t leave Willie alone for his recreational activities.

Listen to and Download Guys Do It All The Time Before he was everybody’s favorite country beach bum Kenny Chesney had a little hit tune with . Who would think to take their woman out for a ride on the tractor?

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    Poison frontman Bret Michaels will be looking for Miss Right again when VH1's Rock of Love Bus starts. I Still Love Ambre Lake. we’re dating.…