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Before Tampax came on the scene, there were tampons, but not as we know them.A tampon was simply a plug of some sort, used to stop bleeding, and inserted into a wound or, if menstrual flow seemed excessive, into the vagina.Leaving aside the ‘did Hippocrates write anything in the Hippocratic corpus?’ question, can we really find anything like that in ancient Greek medicine?Does the of increasing size inserted into the mouth of the womb because the neck of the womb is hard and closed so the menstrual blood can’t get out.Similarly, although different words are used, when a remedy needs to be inserted into the vagina – for example, beetles to irritate the womb and bring on a delayed menstrual period – it is wrapped up in wool first.

C., described another type of tampon, which was made of lint wrapped around lightweight wood” .In a previous post here I’ve looked at the ‘using rags’ theory.But recently I’ve come across another claim that seems to originate in the marketing for Tampax but which has been picked up without any critical analysis by a lot of other sites.So is this what men called a menstrual pad, or what women called it?