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Blackbear's biggest strength is possessing a keen ear for songwriting, a skill which certainly comes through on this project.Burpengary, Queensland, Australia It was at pm on a warm July evening that Scott Robert Hansen first met Sweetie.The girl would nod complacently, adjusting her webcam and typing out responses while, thousands of miles away, Hansen negotiated her purchase for a few dollars an hour.But Hansen would never see the girl, for there was no need for her to appear: he had already been caught. As the director of projects for the Dutch arm of the children’s welfare organization Terre des Hommes, he’d been visiting the Philippines for years, working to solve its rampant child prostitution problem.As the co-founder and strategy director of the Amsterdam-based advertising agency Lemz, Mark believed that advertising experts like himself should be a force for good. As he read the article, his mind was flooded with ideas.

Heart pounding, he typed: “Wanna chat or cam with older?One, a seasoned reporter named Elsbeth Stoker, wrote a feature for the Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant.It was published on May 29, 2012 under the headline, “All the men were naked and playing with themselves.” That same May morning Mark Woerde was enjoying his coffee and flipping through the newspaper when the article by Stoker caught his attention.Terre des Hommes had been fighting to protect vulnerable children for decades through its branches across Europe and Canada.

Hans had been with the organization since 1999, taking the lead on ambitious projects around the world.

Once she had caught enough to illustrate the scope of the problem, they would reveal their findings to the public. It was a complicated project for Terre des Hommes and one with potential legal implications.

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