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All reputable websites DO NOT allow anonymous users to add anything, even on the Xoops site you need to be registered, there are many reasons for this.It is for Xoops 2.6.0 ALPHA from Git Hub Normally I would not release anything for an ALPHA version of Xoops, but I need to be ready.

XOOPS is a program that allows administrators to easily create dynamic websites with great content and many outstanding features.After installing this, edit messages in preferences Use with your own risk. chanoirpages: philoupbboard: karedokxpi Cal-0.6x: GIJOEpopnupblog: dashboardsections: onegosmartfaq: HMNsmartsection: karedokxsoapbox: domifarasora_typethree: morisobatutorials: HMNutype_bbs: morisobaweblinks: Ryujiweblog: fugafugawfdownloads: HMNwfsection: onegowordbook: onegowordpress: Ryujixc Gallery: t_sakurai, karedokxxfsection: onegoxoopsfaq: onegoxoopsheadline: GIJOExoopspoll: suin, bananasxwords: onegoyybbs: suin=PLUGIN in module's directory=amaxooppi Cal-0.7xxhld=PLUGIN in module's trusted directory=bulletin 2.0=PLUGINless=Tiny DCHANGES:1.31 2008-12-05- modified read twice with altsys language overridding1.30 2007-03-12- marked as stable- added language files-- schinese (thx chnwalkman) 1.30a-- japaneseutf 1.30a-- bluesbb (thx pirates) 1.30b1.30beta 2006-11-08- modified compatibitity with Cube 2.1- removed "usermenu"- modified templates radically- modified sitemap_xml_based on "Sitemaps XML format" (thx kimono)1.29 2006-10-01- modified the action when xml_is directly accessed 1.29- added plugins-- liaise (thx monsuke) 1.29a-- debaser (thx proshack) 1.29a- added languages-- persian (thx voltan) 1.29a1.28 2006-09-26- modified compatibility with D3 module system.1.27 2006-09-05- modified compatibility with 2.0.15 ( xml_google fatal error- modified compatibility with 2.0.14 ( xml_google with debug mode (thx Du Gris)- added plugins-- formulaire (thx philou) 1.27a-- pages (thx philou) 1.27a- added and modified languages-- catalan (thx yuji) 1.27b-- portuguesebr (thx yuji) 1.27b-- spanish (thx yuji) 1.27b1.26 2006-07-17- added plugin-system for D3 modules (eg.bulletin)- updated language files-- spanish (thx David)1.25 2006-03-02- modified the compatibility between xml_and XOOPS 2.2.4- modified the compatibility with PHP = 4.4.1- added a plugin-- extcal (thx bonnaudet eric)1.24 2005-12-18- fixed a bug login block is always displayed by enabling sitemap block (thx okamoto)- updated language files-- french (thx marco)-- portuguesebr (thx yuji)1.23 2005-12-2- fixed fatal errors in xml_with some conditions (thx centurier)- modified the module icon (thx Argon)- modified language files-- rename poski to polish (requested by Tomasz in Support Team)- fixed plugins-- my Ads-- sections1.22 2005-11-14- updated myblocksadmin and mymenu- remove CRs in some php files- added a language file-- polish (thx kurak_bu)- updated language files-- tchinese (thx Sheng-Hung, Huang)-- french (thx marco)1.21 2005-09-04- fixed configs are not reflected to the block (thx shige3)- modified to use $sitemap_configs instead of $xoops Module Config directly- fixed some language constants (added language/blocks.php)1.20 2005-09-03- added sitemap_block- modified main template1.13 2005-07-19- modified alltime-guest-mode (thx dasdan)1.12 2005-06-20- modified xml_as root controller (copy it to XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/)- added a plugin-- pbboard (thx karedokx)1.11 2005-06-15- modified xml_for Google sitemaps- modified sitemap_(thx flying.tux)- update langage files-- french (thx marco)1.10 2005-06-12- added xml_for Google sitemaps1.00 2005-04-14- modified the structure of the directory for pluginssitemap pirates wrotes: Hi I found a lttle problems in plugins/in case of use sitemap1.30 with bluesbb1.04.-----------------------------------------------------== sitemap ==Automatically sitemapping module made by chanoir. Many more thanks to Ryuji And my name is chanoir as a module developper, hence chatnoir as a theme developper.

If you need the feature of google sitemaps, copy modules/sitemap/xml_to your XOOPS root, and register XOOPS_URL/xml_to google.------------------Thank you for using this chanoir's KIMAGURE module. I LOVE YOU ALL Petit OOps ( chanoir---------------------MODULES=PLUGIN in sitemap=AMS: jseymourarticles: Psy Docbluesbb: Sting Bluebooklists:noisiacatads: HMNdebaser: proshackextcal: bonnaudet ericformulaire: philouliaise:monsukemy Ads: Tom_G3Xmyalbum-P: suin, GIJOEmybbs: suinmydownloads: Ryujimylinks: Ryujimymovie: t_sakurainewbb: Ryujinewbb2: D.

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