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Fired is very much an extension of the Jake and Amir that people already know...That being said, it also expands the universe considerably by adding characters, locations, and something even newer to a Jake and Amir plot.The more serious we get, the more absurd we have to get to stay grounded. If it’s complete chaos, I need some level of selection before I let everyone into my phone. Bumble is for people who are more tech savvy, it seems, and that seems to be one of the biggest steps in the right direction. (Hurwitz plays the teacher of a pickup-artist class Ruby attends, and also directed the series.) Shortly before the show’s premiere at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Vulture caught up with Jake and Amir to discuss making the show, stepping away from “Jake” and “Amir,” and whether New York or L. And here we split: Jake went more directing, less acting; I went less directing, more acting. It was me on camera, and Jake telling me what to do. And maybe it’s just because we’re getting older, and you get more lonely as you get older.

After eight years, the duo left College Humor last year to strike it out on their own. It’s probably a harder transition for people who watch the videos. When you’re 22, you’re running around drinking with your friends, not doing anything important. If anything, they should have been a little longer. But, we’re also not making a TV show that needs to be three acts and have act breaks and arcs. The duo’s shtick, which depicts Jake as a straight man and Amir as his slightly unhinged coworker, has proven quite durable.New episodes regularly draw hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube and many more on the College Humor website.I just thought Amir was so funny, and I had this crappy camera.

We just made these videos and our friends started passing them around. On October 12, 2011, College Humor released Jake and Amir: Fired, a thirty minute episode of Jake and Amir that the pair had produced and edited in the previous months, while continuing to release short episodes.

We tried to take things as seriously as we could — and it’s impossible for us to take anything very seriously for too long. [In New York] I used to wake up to texts from my friends being like, “Hey we’re at the bar downstairs,” and in L. it’s like, if you’re gonna do something, you’ve gotta plan where you’re gonna meet, all Uber together …

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