Java validating standard input

I have only written the validation methods for ints and want feedback before I do so for doubles, etc.I want to make the class dynamic and allow the user to use their own Buffered Reader if they want to and specify a range if they want.Now that we have determined a suitable type, we just have to read the data. In this problem, we should read until the end of the file (in other problems, there might be an integer at the beginning of the input, specifying how much to read, or there might be a special indicator denoting that there is nothing more to read).Using a The sample data provided in the problem statement is just there to help you make sure you understood what the problem asks for, and the input/output format.So for example, you can have different message for the regexp validator, depending on the type of field that is being validated.To do that, you need to add the classname of the field, in lowercase, to the message key.

You are allowed to use all standard libraries included with Java. If it is non-zero, we will judge your submission as Run Time Error.

You start out by finding a suitable problem to solve. After some careful deliberation, you will get a judgement informing you whether your code behaved as expected or not.

Java validating standard input comments

  • CWE - CWE-845 CERT Java Secure Coding Section 00 - Input. profil de paulette60


    May 24, 2011. Weaknesses in this category are related to rules in the Input Validation and Data Sanitization section of the CERT Java Secure Coding Standard. Since not all rules map to specific weaknesses, this category may be incomplete. + Membership.…