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And even worse (although totally expected) there's no rape in the movie at all. I guess that answers my concern about this one being a 10-second snippet in a montage.This is a quote from one of the reviews: How ironic is that they're bringing up Roth? And then most enthusiastically, this review actually accuses her of deliberately taking on roles where she can be abused: Is Red Sparrow a cry for help from Jennifer Lawrence or yet another so-so movie for her?No nudity but Portman and two others get tied to chairs and gagged when one of the team snaps. Later she's forced to strip and "give him what he want" in front of the class.Crazy lady threatens to start cutting them up, then a Hey guys, Dick here... 2 minutes after posting that I was wrong about the scene being a 10-second snippet in a montage, and now you're saying my suspicions were right all along? She strips fully naked (we see boobs and a half-second of vagina), then invites the would-be rapist to have a go while belittling him for his tiny dick.Now here is Red Sparrow, and there is Lawrence repeatedly beaten, stabbed, stripped naked, tortured and sexually assaulted.It is not a great look in this brave new era of #metoo for one of the world’s leading actresses to keep choosing roles that depict her as a doormat. She is more than two years my junior and I do so like younger women.The moment of truth for the daring candidates was at hand.

Would be very interesting to post it here, woundn't it? One of my female workers was working on that movie and she was scanning though it to see if there were any defects when she came across the scene of Jess being strung up between the motorcycles.Well, looks like the censorship police are booting me off even PATREON!! As far as the actual plot goes, she's after a CIA agent.It's all about the over the top GIMP content there... I know that the stories/art I create are not to the taste of MANY of you here, but for the few who DO dig the Bunny adventures, I'm already looking at alternatives and will hopefully have EVERYTHING revert back to the original [bunny] site... 'Not sure when this will happen exactly, but like I mentioned, the few who do like the Bunny material will be updated! Dick is OUT giftofthe wrote: That nude water torture scene from the trailers? There's a whole lot of "I-know-that-you-known-that-I-know-that-you-know-that-I-know" that culminates in every side trying to get one over on each other.Picaro has made some wonderful suggestions and I would simply like to echo/endorse them.

A slender body on the rack is beguiling; a frame that holds the subject in place for the bastinado or other such treatment would be wonderful.

The six women who were called for the second time were particularly special for Jac, in their first interview they all mentioned they had no problems with nudity and difficult scenes.