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He went to San Diego with Wallace to meet some survivors, eighty of them, crotchety guys in white pants and aloha shirts who were plenty pissed off that the big-shot movie director was a whole half hour late.

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Moving on, this is his office—sorry for the mess—and this is his giant lava lamp, probably the biggest lava lamp you can get, and this is the conference room where we can sit and talk about He wanted to catch his breath.

And also he insists that the digital bullets coming out of the Japanese Zero fighter zoom right us, instead of over us, even though he can only afford to use the cheap ones (without smoke). Because in the middle of the movie, it's a little confusing to figure out how much time is passing. Eight hundred thirty people pulled at random off a Denver street. They're an army of Weebles that wobble but won't fall down. There are hardly any lights on the inside of the house; it's like a cave where sound bounces in an endless search for a soft landing. " asks Lisa, the sweet young chef who's working on a shrimp-and-pasta dish. She loves working for Michael, just loves it, because Michael has no food issues.