Nico evers swindell and camilla luddington dating

I thought it was really fun, and the sides for the audition were really funny.” With this season’s episodes already in the can, what’s next?“You know what — this sounds so funny — I would love to do a horror movie.Yes, it’s a long, long way from our favorite royal bride — just as the actress hoped.

The distance proves to be difficult – Kate must endure the spotlight alone.Despite William’s desire to keep their love private, they are caught kissing on a trip to Klosters.The tabloids go crazy with their public display of affection.British actress Camilla hails from the same county as Kate, and although there were plenty of well-known actresses who could have played the part, it's unsurprising that the role went to a newcomer.

The Lifetime film is due to be released before the wedding on April 29, and we've been getting more information about the big day.

In order to help Kate cope, William has a member of the palace educate her in royal matters and protocol.