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Mc Kinney was the featured model in Carl's Jr.'s All Natural Burger commercial, which was released online in January 2015 and aired regionally during Super Bowl XLIX.The viral ad featured Mc Kinney walking around a farmers' market, stating that she is "all natural" and using double entendres to imply that she is naked with strategically placed items in the market, until it reveals Mc Kinney in a bikini eating the All Natural Burger.Who knew that PSOs had to stay on top of current events?As you may have already figured out, not every call is about sex.Over the past few years, my income had steadily decreased because of the effects of the recession.I standardly live a debt-free (except mortgage) and minimalistic (no car) life.However, I lost a lot of income sources in June 2010.Therefore, I was looking for replacement streams of income.

I then brainstormed to see what jobs I could do from home.An easy alias, such as Jennifer, works best so that callers can remember you. I suggest using information that you are familiar with.For example, if you say that you are from Miami but you know nothing about the neighborhoods, a problem may occur if you have a caller from Miami.Then, you are put on the phones to deal with sexually-charged men.

Before you take your first call, you have to think of an alias and background information to use.

You can locate PSO positions on a job board such as Sexy or you contact companies directly such as Lip and Chat If you have a corded landline, a headset, a positive attitude about sex, and a sexy voice, you are hired!

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