Questions to ask when dating long distance

If you can’t speak each other’s language very well, can you learn?Duolingo is pretty great for quick lessons (my husband can already say “The horse does not wear pants” in Swedish).There’s no reason why long distance monogamous relationships can’t work, if both partners can commit to that.But your partner is definitely going to be spending a lot of time with people who aren’t you, and that can make you feel jealous even when their intentions are completely nonsexual: hearing about the super fun time they had somewhere you wish you could have gone too will likely make you feel cranky even if the conversation doesn’t end with “…and then we enacted the Kama Sutra.” You laugh, but communication is key to successful relationships…especially when they are long-distance, and require a ton of work. ), you want to see them a lot more than just once a year.

It can start to feel like a contest — who has the coolest, most fun, most interesting life?You can’t have simultaneously shared experiences multiple hours apart; someone is always waiting for someone else.Long-distance can work very well if you are the kind of person who likes to hang out in restaurants with a book, or sleep diagonally across the bed.You have all the joy and support of having a partner, without any of the squashing of your personal space.

If you are a little bit more of a loner, long-distance might actually be the perfect relationship style for you.

But sometimes you just want a cuddle or an orgasm with another human being, that doesn’t involve Skype and adjusting camera angles, and then you will have to decide if you can wait six months until the next time you see your friend in person…or if you want to have an agreement to sleep with (or date) other people.

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