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Justin felt similarly, but only if his girl was liking pics of actually attainable dudes.“If it was some celebrity or model or whatever, then [I wouldn’t care], but if it was a mutual friend or one of my boys and it happened consistently, I’d probably care,” he says.In fact, he even told a story about his friends who played “emoji roulette” on girl’s photos, which involved them picking a girl’s photo, randomly picking two emojis, and commenting.On the other side of things, this also means that if you’re hooking up with a dude who comments on other girl’s photos, it might be bad news.He can argue that liking other girls’ photos is harmless, which is debatable on its own.

He goes on to say that if he likes a girl’s Instagram pic, it’s likely a “dream girl” or a girl who’s “out of his league.” Justin, 24, also says that he uses most of his double-taps on girls.Is the type of guy who throws likes to Instagram models the type of guy who would cheat on you with an Instagram model given the chance?Lots of the guys I talked to seem to understand the jealousy factor, and said they would likely chill on their Instagram thirst if they got into a relationship.David said that he’d probably continue to like nearly everyone he follows’ photos, but would unfollow lots of the Instagram models that he currently follows. Other guys had dealt with Instagram related arguments before.

Greg, 23, recalls when his college girlfriend took things too far and he simply stopped using Instagram to avoid the fights.

“I would definitely tone [my liking of hot girl’s photos] down, but if I felt like they deserved a like, I would give them one for sure,” says Andreas.

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