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Some of the main outputs of the project phase-1 include effective policy and incentives, including piloting an appropriate tariff level and structure, applicable to wind power IPPs.The core objective of this seminar was to enlighten the project stakeholders on tariff design, economic & financial cost analysis and components of Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA)/Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for wind power projects. The informative sessions helped participants understand the dynamics of tariff designs, mutually beneficial to the all concerned entities, and subsequently increase the viability of wind power projects in Pakistan.“Climate change is the serious most challenge of our times.Pakistan has already been ranked at 14th most vulnerable country that will be hit by the adverse affects of climate change particularly in terms of food and water security,” said CEO Ali Tauqeer Shiekh at the first ever Corporate Summit on Climate Change held in Karachi on February 19, 2009. Many leading corporations such as Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI), PSO, ENGO have partnered with Lead Pakistan for the summit.Some will remember him for his outlandish dress style – how he always loved to dress in green and show off – but that was part of his charm.We will miss him dearly, not least because he touched the lives of so many around the world.

The purpose of the conference was to achieve a series of objectives, of which the most important is raising awareness on the vital role that national and multinational companies can play in the development of commu-nities, they serve.CSR is the integration of business operations and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including business owners, employees, customers, and the share for community development are reflected in the corporation’s policies and actions.This conference on CSR highligh-ted many tracks of social responsibility, such as: Workplace; Media; Marketplace; Community Care; Arts & Culture; Environ-ment; Activism; and CSR Focused Activities.He leaves behind baby daughter, named CSR 2.0.” Visser’s eulogy was followed by touching tributes from friends and colleagues, who each lit a candle in his memory.

As the lights went up, flowers were handed out by Ms Clemence Viel and minstrel Mr Lenny Charles launched into a festive tune on the berimbau, Visser conducted a spontaneous naming and blessing ceremony: “Some of you may be wondering who this innocent child is.

Well, I just happen to know that it is none other than Old CSR’s daughter, who with his dying breaths, he named CSR 2.0.

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