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If they ask for money while getting to know you, that’s a common sign that something isn’t right (and you should never send money to a stranger because of something they tell you on our site).Also, account with very little information or filled with gibberish and/or a large number of spelling and grammatical mistakes could well be fraudulent.But as great as our safety program is, it’s important for you to take some steps to be a smart dater as well.On this page, we’ll share some tips that you should keep in mind when you’re using our site – or any Iranian dating site, for that matter.Bringing the things in open will surprise you by letting know about several perceptions and feelings of each other, which were not aware to you before.So, for successful Persian dating express the thoughts and discuss the things with each other.Often, though, we would appreciate it if you’d take the additional step of reporting suspicious or abusive accounts to us.That might not apply in the first case, when someone seems to genuinely want to find a date but just isn’t getting the message that you’re not interested.

One of the best ways to make sure you feel comfortable and safe at all times is to use the tools we’ve provided to you to help prevent problems before they get too serious.The situation may be different if the points upsetting you are known to your partner Persian man.Bottling up the feelings inside is not going to help your relationship, but can aggravate you perception of not understanding.But if someone is harassing you or trying to fool you into doing something, chances are you’re not the only target.

By reported them to us, you can help us take action and protect your fellow Iranian singles.

Many times Persian girl doesn’t express her feelings, which can even cause breaking up the relation.

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