Why operating systems need updating

Earlier, I mentioned an article that caught my attention in which it inspired me to write about this topic; bet you thought I had forgotten about that.Anyway, the title of the article suggested that hackers did jailbreak i OS 11 in a matter of three weeks!

While money, especially lack of it, can interfere with getting the newest products, everyone can download their operating system for free.TIME is running out for PC users who have delayed taking advantage of Microsoft’s free offer to upgrade their computers from Windows 7 or 8.1 to the latest all-singing-and-dancing version of the Redmond company's operating system.Doughty souls who have stuck with Windows 8 will first have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 before being able to participate in the deal.Next, I mentioned earlier that I used to belong to the group of users that when the new update was available for my Apple devices, I would quickly download the new i OS as to not only benefit from what the new operating system should offer, it never crossed my mind of being any problems with it since it had previously been tested in beta form.

Yet, this process can be flawed; especially when it comes to interaction between non-apple products or apps that may suddenly become incompatible with the new system.

The same can be said about Android devices that continue to have their operating system updated to provide better quality for their users.

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